/You made an oath

You made an oath

Double the movie, double the fear, double the scares

You made a promise, you swore that if IT ever came back, you would to and stop it! Keep your promise and face IT again!

Odyssey Cinemas are gearing up for the biggest and most anticipated horror event of the year... IT: Chapter 2!

On September 5th, we open our doors to the double bill event! ONE DAY EARLY than general release, giving you the chance to see IT back to back!

With double the fear, scares and nightmares, we guarantee to give you an experience that will have you running and screaming! Looking back at 2017 we've made some big changes, we know what you want and more, planning this event we knew needed to be bigger and better, more clowns, more balloons and alot more that we cant say... you'll have to come to find out!

So why chose Odyssey Cinemas? What's so different  to coming here than any other cinema?

Because at Odyssey Cinemas we care about the experience you get when seeing these big movies, because we are doing what a cinema should be doing... and that's making memories.

Our customers always look back at our memorable events, Avengers, StarWars, Sing-alongs and Fright Nights.

We raise the bar and push the boundaries each time to give you the ultimate experience! The experience that makes you say "oh my god, you should have seen last night at the Odyssey"

Now we ask you to join us... float with us and experience IT with us!

Don't be that person that comments "we should have went here" BE THAT PERSON  that gets scared, that takes a selfie and experiences a night like no other!!

See you soon #OdysseyIT

Book Now - IT Double Bill        Book Now - IT Chapter 2

DannyYou made an oath

You made an oath

Double the movie, double the fear, double the scares

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