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People of all ages enjoy the cinema and most learn something in the process of being entertained.

Whether it's animation, a documentary or the latest blockbusters, there's something out there for everyone to watch, Enjoy and learn from.

So if you are a History class celebrating the Hollywood Film Industry, An English class interested in writing a movie review or an Art class designing publicity posters.

Odyssey Cinemas Belfast can help add value to your schools visit by incorporating something a little different.




For 3D movies 3D glasses have to be purchased seperatley from the cinema

For further information about special screenings, end of year term parties or anniversary celebrations for your school or to get a movie schedule for the year ahead please contact


Conor Mcloughlin

028 9073 9117


 *Only a number of teachers will go free depending on the amount of kids there are, Free teachers only applies to groups of 30 pupils or more.

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