/Fright Night Season

Fright Night Season

The Number One Cinema for Horror in Belfast

The third season of Fright Night is truly underway as we bright you a mix of classic and new horror to experience at our cinema. Fright Night started in the 2017 season, giving people the pure nostalgia of watching great horror movies back on the big screen! Since that first movie, every show as brought its own element of fear, experiences and memories that bring customers back into our seats.

We brought that season to a close with the biggest horror of the year “IT” which we set the record for having the biggest attendance for a horror midnight in Northern Ireland.

2018 saw the return of the Fright Night season, with bigger scares and many great classic and anniversaries in horror! That season closed with the latest horror of its franchise “Halloween” which has been recorded to be our scariest event to date.

Now in 2019 we currently hold two awards for “Best Cinema Experience in Northern Ireland”! Odyssey Cinemas has also been branded as “The Home and number one cinema for Horror Movies”

We are in our third season and already we have raised the bar! Our most anticipated event of the summer is Annabelle Comes Home on July 10th, with our first ever paranormal tour in projection and our biggest and best scare attraction we have attempted.

As seasons before have built towards the big ones, so does this season...

In September, IT: Chapter 2 will arrive at Odyssey Cinemas and we are already working hard to beat our previous record. We can guarantee that this event should not be missed, this event will not be for the faint of heart, more scares, more clowns, more nightmares but most importantly, more fun.

We are passionate about giving you the ultimate experience with you come into our cinema because we believe it’s more than just a movie!

What are you waiting for... Come to Odyssey Cinemas and experience horror in its true form, we all float down here!


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The Number One Cinema for Horror in Belfast

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